Lara Bingle says Michael Clarke could not ‘stimulate’ her

“But I require more for myself. I need to be stimulated more than that, you know?” Lara Bingle on her relationship with Michael Clarke Source

LARA Bingle is the Paris Hilton of Australia. She is a silly empty-headed woman who uses her looks to get from A to B and has done nothing to merit any kind of publicity – apart from periodically ensuring that she bares a bit in public.

However, when she hooked up with the Australian cricketer Michael Clarke in 2007, she got a good deal of the spotlight. Clarke was the captain-in-waiting at the time and that post is the second most important in the country after the prime minister.

Hence Bingle was often in the public gaze. She made the most of it.

But given her tantrums and flirting, he ended the relationship in 2010. He was on a tour of New Zealand at the time and came back to Australia to end the relationship.

Bingle was said to be also seeing DJ Carl Kennedy. She was cut to the quick and is still trying to make out that she ended things, not him.

But it simply won’t wash.

Her latest interview contains the very revealing statement published above.

Could a reporter then be faulted if he/she filed a story that began thus: “Lara Bingle has accused Michael Clarke of not indulging in sufficient foreplay with her during their lovemaking and also hinted that the Australian cricket captain has a small penis.”

That’s the ultimate insult to a man who styles himself as a modern person as Clarke does. It may well be what Bingle intended to say.


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