Suffer little children: Scott Morrison is an expert

But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. – Gospel of St Matthew, Chapter 19, verse 14

NO DOUBT, this morning, two practising Christians will attend their respective churches and worship their God.

Tony Abbott, the prime minister of Australia, is a committed Catholic. Scott Morrison, his immigration minister, goes one step further – he is a committed Pentecostal born-again Christian.

Or so the pair claim.

Yesterday, Morrison was busy denying claims by asylum seekers that Australia had not acted on information that a boat full of these unfortunate souls was in trouble and sinking.

The information was provided a full 24 hours before the boat sank. There were 13 children among the dead.

No doubt Abbott – who refused to comment on the issue at all when he emerged with his gut stuffed after a breakfast held before the AFL grand final in Melbourne – and Morrison will be saying a prayer for the souls of these kids this morning.

From the details available, it is clear that this is another “children overboard” affair – the time, in 2001, when the Australia government lied about asylum seekers, saying they were throwing their children overboard.

That lie, at least, was told by Peter Reith, a man who does not claim allegiance to any Christian sect.

Morrison and Abbott are ardent pushers of their faith – when it is convenient. At times like these. they will twist and turn and waltz in any direction to get out of a mess.

It is not even a fortnight since Abbott’s government was sworn in, yet its hardline policies have sent 13 children to an early grave. Not to forget the adults who were with them.

It’s an excellent way to begin a three-year term.


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