After nine years, Labor finally wins government in Australia

Australia finally has a change of government. After nine long years under Liberal/National rule, the Labor party has ensured that it will lead the next administration.

Labor won the most seats in Saturday’s election and it remains to be seen whether they will govern in their own right or as a minority government.

But they will have the first shot at governing given that they have close to the 76 seats needed for a majority in the lower house.

Apart from what was something of a surprise, the Liberals lost a number of seats which were traditionally their stronghold to independents.

Even the treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, lost his seat, Kooyong, a Liberal stronghold, to Monique Ryan, a neurosurgeon.

The results will take at least another two weeks to be known in full but people are rejoicing at the fall of what is widely seen as an incompetent government.

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