Test cricket is becoming a joke

Pakistan look like they will lose by an innings again to Australia, meaning that the two-Test series will end in a wipeout.

The question is: why are so many weak teams coming to Australia and playing matches that end up being hopelessly one-sided, resulting in very few people going to watch them?

Or is it the case that there is no other option given that India cannot come to Australia every year and play?

Pakistan has not played international cricket at home since 2009 when Sri Lanka toured. During that tour, terrorists attacked a bus carrying the Sri Lankans.

Since then, Pakistan has played all its international games in either Dubai or Abu Dhabi. The stadiums are grand but there are only a handful of expats who turn up to watch.

Worse, the fans at home are unable to see their heroes in action and interest in the game has plummetted. This means less and less kids turning to cricket and a system which once produced world-class players by the score now hardly produces any.

Pakistan has to make do with what it has. And since it has no choice, what happens in washouts like it will soon experience in Australia.

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