Australian politicians are in it for the money

Australian politicians are in the game for one thing: money. Most of them are so incompetent that they would not be paid even half of what they earn were they to try for jobs in the private sector.

That’s why former members of the Victorian state parliament, who were voted out at the last election in 2018, are struggling to find jobs.

Apparently, some have been told by recruitment agencies that they “donĂ¢’t know where to fit you”, according to a news report from the Melbourne tabloid Herald Sun.

People who enter politics are paid well in Australia, far above what people are paid by the private sector, unless one is very high up in the hierarchy.

Politicians get where they are by doing favours for people in high places and moving up the greasy pole.

They get all kinds of fancy allowances and benefits. They have no scruples about taking from the public purse whenever they can without getting caught.

They are the worst kind of scum.

Australia is a highly over-governed place, with three levels of government: the national parliament, the parliaments in the different states and territories and the local governments.

At each level there is plenty of scope for fattening one’s own lamb. There are a handful of people who have some kind of vocation for public service; the rest are out to grab whatever they can before they are voted out.

Nobody should have any pity for people of this kind given what they do when they are in office. About the only thing they do is to prepare things so that they will have a job here, there or anywhere when they finally get thrown out of politics.

Some get lanced so early in their political lives that they are unprepared. Perhaps they should be put to work as garbage collectors. But one doubts they would have the physical and mental fortitude to get through such a job.

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