Time to rejoice: Serena Williams loses another Grand Slam final

Sunday morning brought glorious news. Serena Williams had been soundly beaten in the final of the US Open women’s final by an unknown Japanese player, Naomi Osaka.

What’s more Williams blew a fuse — as she has often done in the past — when she was penalised for code violations. This is the third time she has behaved in this ugly manner, but it is unlikely to be the last because she has been fined a pathetic sum yet again.

For an outburst in 2009, she was fined a pathetic $US10,500. In 2011, she was asked to pay $US2000. And this time, she was again fined a small amount by her earnings – US$24,000. To her, that is chump change.

That is why Williams continues to shout at officials – and in every case these officials are from other minority communities. The umpire who officiated at Saturday’s US Open women’s final was Hispanic; in 2009, the lineswoman she ranted at was Japanese and in 2011, the umpire who penalised her was a Greek woman.

But then Williams, who shouts herself hoarse in claiming that penalties levied on her are because of sexism, cannot see that she is doing something similar and reacting to officials because of racial characteristics. She is blind to everything apart from the blind desire to win somehow.

Williams would have equalled Australian Margaret Court’s record of 24 Grand Slam singles wins if she had beaten Osaka on Saturday. Given that, her loss is all the more enjoyable.

Her histrionics detracted from Osaka’s achievement. But then that is par for the course with Williams; when she wins, it is because she played well. When she loses, it is because she played badly. Her opponent never figures in the picture.

Williams is the worst example of sportsmanship, the type of person who should be thrown out of international sport. She is a spoilt, abusive individual who thinks winning is some kind of divine right.

Pampering such egos is a dangerous thing. Children will learn from such bad examples and even get worse than her. And then all the attraction of competitive tennis will be lost.

The day Williams quits the game, I will buy a bottle of champagne.


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