We need a royal commission into Victoria Police

FOUR policemen were involved in the shooting of a mentally ill girl in Sydney. She had Asperger’s Syndrome. She was holding a knife when one of the coppers shot her in the chest.

And now the policemen are said to be deeply affected by the incident.

The girl, of course, is not affected. She is dead.

Her family? Oh, how could they be more affected than the poor policemen? Imagine how scared and lonely those cops must be.

Armed to the teeth, police in Australia now shoot dead random people and then claim to be distraught. It is a frightening prospect, the protectors becoming the attackers.

Whom do you fear more – crooks or the cops?

It happened in Victoria not so long ago, with a teenager in a car park.

Nobody ever asks why, if the cops were so scared of being attacked, they did not shoot people in the legs to prevent them from running away. Or from attacking the policemen.

No, shots to the chest were fine by the law, by the judicial authorities, by the police.

It begs the question: why are people like this part of the police force? Are they not given some kind of psychological screening to test if they are capable of handling real-life situations where their lives are under threat?

In Victoria, a Royal Commission into the police force is long overdue. But no politician will have the balls to call for one and pursue it because he/she knows that it means certain electoral defeat.

The police have become something like a mafia in Australia. High time for the authorities to act.


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