Back to the good old Mubarak days in Egypt

SO Egypt’s mild flirtation with democracy a la West is over. And it is unlikely to ever return. It’s happened on a good day too – the US celebrates its independence day and Egypt celebrates military rule. What a coincidence!!!

The problem is that the West wants its own systems imposed on other countries – in order to benefit economically. The idea that one cannot bring in a Westminster system and superimpose it on a different model does not really register with people at the US state department.

Mohammed Mursi is from the Muslim Brotherhood. He may be less extreme in his thinking than others in the same movement. But, obviously, he has never been a candidate of choice for the folk in Washington.

Washington and its Western allies want their party to rule in a democratic system. That way, the rendition of people to be tortured can continue. The violation of human rights can go on. And money can keep flowing in one direction to shore up the ailing and terminally ill US economy.

And there would be one more vassal state, ready to do the bidding of a fading superpower that now desperately needs every ally it can get. Look at the mess in Pakistan – that is what happens to the vassal states of the US.

Remember when the Palestinians voted for the Islamic party Hamas to rule the Gaza Strip? That was the wrong party to vote for; nothing went forward from that point onwards. And it never will.

When it comes to Egypt, there is the little matter of $US1.5 billion in aid that can be used as a stick by the US. Most of this, as with all foreign aid, goes back to private American companies; aid always comes with conditions attached. Egypt has enough weapons to fight wars that it is never going to fight – but American defence contractors have to stay afloat and what better way to manage that than with American taxpayers’ money?

Mursi was an obstacle in the way. And the military was always in the background. Much like it is in Pakistan, the moment the signal comes from Washington, the men in khaki are ready to take over to “save the country”.

For many decades, Hosni Mubarak was Washington’s pimp in the Middle East. Anything and everything that looked like being inimical to US interests was always smoothed over by Mubarak. I remember seeing him in a CNN promo, saying, “I sit all the time watching the CNN,” followed by a buffoonish laugh. Uncle Sam had a good run during his time.

Now the US wants another pimp who will do its bidding. The aid will be given to the military and, in return, Egypt will sell its backside to the Americans. Israel will be happy – and that means the party in power in Washington will have no problem when it comes to fund-raising for the next election.

And they will all live happily ever after. Except, of course, those ungrateful Egyptians. But then they were never part of the equation – apart from being units to be spied on by Uncle Sam.


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