Xenophon should come into the 21st century

AN Australian senator goes to Malaysia on an unofficial visit. His intention is to meddle in local politics. And when he gets thrown out of the country, he makes a noise!

What did he expect? That any white man who goes to an Asian country during election time, and is known to be a supporter of the opposition, will be welcomed with open arms? Perhaps Nick Xenophon has forgotten that the colonial era is long over.

Asian countries run their own affairs today. They realy do not need people from so-called Western democracies coming over and trying to lecture them on how to run their own affairs.

Xenophon expected to be treated like any Australian politician who goes there on an official visit. When he was detained at the airport and deported, he made an almighty fuss.

Australia deports people willy-nilly nearly every month. Back in 2005, Scott Parkin, a political activist from the US, was thrown out by the then government – for no reason.

And every now and then asylum-seekers are deported from Australia, people who often go back and are killed in their homw countries. This is in direct violation of Australia’s obligations under the UN Human Rights Convention, but hey, for people like Xenophon charity doesn’t begin at home.

The man is too busy trying to reform the poor, uneducated Asians, he has no time to see the shit in his own backyard.

Xenophon is living in the past. Asian countries passed the stage of taking orders from their former colonial masters in the mid-1990s. Twenty years on, we have a man expecting red-carpet treatment when he tries to meddle in other countries’ affairs.

Have a cold bath, sir.


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