Where guns matter more than kids’ lives

In the US of A, they value their guns more than their children. That’s why you get situations like that in Connecticut where 20 children were shot dead by a nutjob. Another eight adults also died, among them the shooter.

But nobody will dare question the interpretation of the second amendment of the constitution that Americans claim gives them the right to bear arms.

The gun lobby is the third-most powerful lobby in the country, after the Zionist lobby and Big Pharma. In the end it all translates down to money, pure and simple – there’s too much money in firearms sales for the industry to ever contemplate any restrictions on the sale of guns.

It’s quite a while – 10 years – since the horror of a shooting like this was brought to the big screen so maybe people have forgotten what it is like when innocents are gunned down in cold blood.

In 2002, Michael Moore’s powerful film Bowling for Columbine brought home the wrenching tragedy that took place at the school there in April 1999. It is a powerful indictment of the gun lobby and the general trend towards settling disputes through violence, an attitude that dominates America.

But 10 years later memories have faded and though there are periodic mass killings to remind us that Americans love their guns, nobody in the US ever does something to stop the madness.

It’s ironic that the Republican Party backs the gun lobby to the hilt, while at the same time insisting that no foetus can be destroyed because it is a human being from day one!


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