Serena Williams is one good reason why people dislike the USA

SHE is often touted as one of the better women’s tennis players of the modern era. But Serena Williams is just an ugly example of American arrogance, someone who can never be wrong, someone who carries a chip on her shoulder that is even bigger than her behind (and the latter does take some beating).

Williams contested the US Open final a couple of days ago, her opponent being Australian Samantha Stosur. She was soundly beaten, but made her own news by behaving like a buffoon.

When she was rightly penalised for shouting during a point, Williams unleashed a tirade of abuse against the referee.

Williams has form in this regard. Two years ago, she abused a Chinese lineswoman in terms that were quite racially oriented. She was on the losing end that time too.

When she is asked about her ugly behaviour, Williams always has the same excuse – she was in the “zone”. Whatever that is. She claims that she cannot remember what she did.

But the US officials never make her pay for this kind of behaviour. For her outburst in 2009, she was fined a pathetic $US10,500. This time she has been asked to pay $US2000.

Such fines are not a deterrent. Williams earned $US1.4 million from the tournament this time. When officialdom reacts in this way, it is practically inviting her to behave in a similar fashion in the future.


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