Political correctness has reached dizzy heights

THESE days political correctness has grown by leaps and bounds; people who generally speak out tend to muzzle themselves in order not to offend some group or the other.

It means that often we have to stomach stupid statements without responding, to point out that the speaker/writer is clearly delusional. Or putting forward a silly point of view that has no merit.

Some time back, a TV presenter from Sky News, Tracy Spicer, gave a TED talk in which she blamed men for the fact that she had to doll up for her job. The TED talks have an aura about them; you only have to give one to be considered an intellectual.

Some years ago, Spicer was sacked from a job at Channel Seven, something she blamed on her advancing age. In the course of her talk, Spicer took off all her make-up, and disrobed to her underclothes. It was all calculated to hold the attention of people.

In the course of watching this guff, the audience forgot that she was talking nonsense. They forgot to tell her one simple truth: if she felt so hemmed in by the fact that she had to doll up every day for work, why didn’t she quit her job and join some other profession?

Surely, she is not being held hostage to work for a TV channel? When a woman makes stupid claims like this, political correctness comes into the picture; anyone who contradicts such stupidity will be derided as a misogynist.

This is again silly, since misogyny is the hatred of all women. Not the logical debunking of a stupid argument which is not contradicted only because it originates from a woman.

But that is the state society has descended to; we are hemmed in by people who tell you what you can and cannot say to various interest groups.

There are various requirements expected of people in different professions; to give the simplest example, one cannot go to work unless one is properly attired. And one cannot walk down the street buck naked; public obscenity is a crime. No matter that one subscribes to the idea that clothes are a waste of time.

There are organisations which have dress codes for women, specifically stating that business attire is to be worn at all times. And there are some companies which do not allow their employees to dress down, not even on Fridays.

But then one has to submit to these rules and regulations only when one works for these organisations. One can leave their employ and do exactly what one wishes to, within the rules of the land.

Making it seem as though others are responsible for one’s own predicament is playing the blame game. It’s easy to do that when one belongs to certain groups in society. People from these groups take advantage of political correctness and indeed build a career around it.

It’s high time someone called them for the frauds they are.

Voted for Abbott? Then just suck it up

TODAY, a large proportion of the Australian populace is groaning after hearing of the measures which have been brought down in the 2014 budget.

Last September, many of those people blithely voted for the Liberal and National coalition and propelled them into government.

There’s just one thing to say to this mob: suck it up.

Abbott has brought in a rise in university fees, something in keeping with this government’s anti-intellectual character.

There is no mention of climate change and no planning for it; this will again affect the younger generation who will have to cope with a warmer world when they grow up.

Abbott has also ensured that Australians no longer have universal healthcare. Everyone who visits a doctor, apart from those who have seniors cards or healthcards, will have to pay $7. Those who have medicine prescribed will have to fork out another $5 per prescription.

Some part of this money will go into a medical research fund which is touted as reaching $20 billion by 2020, six years from now.

But the figures don’t add up. Let’s assume that Australia has 23 million people (the actual figure is a wee bit less) and that every one of those people goes to the doctor 10 times a year. That adds up to 230 million visits; multiply that by $7 and you get $1,610,000,000.

The doctor gets $2 of the $7 fee so this measure will raise $1,150,000,000 for the fund.

Let’s again assume that each Australian gets five prescriptions; that gives us 115 million prescriptions and at $5 a pop it gives us $575 million. That makes it a grand total of $1.725 billion.

Over six years, we get $10.35 billion. Let’s add $1 billion as interest over those six years, assuming the money is invested as it comes in. Yes, it’s a high rate of interest, but never mind.

The government has said it is putting in $1.1 billion at the start; in total, that gives us $12.46 billion in all.

Where does the other $7-odd billion come from?

Abbott can’t do sums, it appears. Neither can his treasurer Joe Hockey. Nor his finance minister Matthias Cormann.

A man who gets a blowjob lacks integrity. The NRL thinks so

A rugby league player is driving along with a woman when they both get a bit randy and the girl sucks him off. Both are adults; the man is 22, the woman 39.

The man films a small portion of the process (else he has to be the world’s fastest ejaculator) as a lark, with the woman in full agreement. Months later the clip is sent by the man to someone via SnapChat; that someone (who remains unknown) apparently puts it on social media.

The video itself runs for all of 10 seconds. It shows the man’s face and the back of the woman’s head. If anyone is titillated by it, then they’d have to be a real weirdo.

The man is Konrad Hurrell of the New Zealand Warriors, the woman is Teuila Blakey, a New Zealand TV actress. Neither of them is embarrassed about the video.

And in truth, they have no reason to be – they did not break the laws of public obscenity, they are both well above the age of consent, neither of them was forced into the act. What they choose to do to get their rocks off is their own business. Or so one would think.

But the moral guardians of society don’t think so.

The episode apparently is an embarrassment to the league authorities because it comes at the start of the Women In League round of home and away matches. Really?

One would think that this would be considered a good example of women not being afraid to do what pleases them sexually. Why is it embarrassing?

Some league official says it could be embarrassing to corporate sponsors. Why? Are these people unfamiliar with fellatio and cunnilingus?

One doubts very much that Hurrell has a clause in his contract that forbids him from indulging in oral sex. Then wherein lies the problem?

The National Rugby League’s integrity unit is said to be investigating! Now that’s a hoot. Was there some lack of integrity in the blowjob in question? If one thinks that a person being fellated raises questions of integrity, there are a lot of people in public life who would have to retire to an ashram.

The problem lies with the people who think that the moment a man participates in sport, he becomes a role model. Nothing could be further from the truth. And the sooner these moral guardians of society realise that their morbid interest in this kind of incident points to the fact that they have rather mundane lives themselves, the better.